Design Consultancy

Designed printable posters, online invites and social media creatives for danseuse Jaya Mehta. Since she is based in India and the workshop is in Hague so the maximum exposure had to be given on social media platforms. Hence Facebook creatives, online invites were created. The only printable is the A3 size posters created for the dance studio. 

Sanskriti Jewellery Exhibition

The name of the collection is ‘Phulkari’ which also means flower, a series of online emailers were designed with florals in watercolour format. The emailers were designed in a countdown theme. Also designed branding boards for the exhibition space. 

Project Name: : Lifecoaching website

Starting with the logo for the brand to making pamphlets, everything was designed to carry on one single thought of the beautiful lotus flower that comes out of every adversity in life and blooms even in a dirty water pond. Made for a life coach who works as a motivational coach both with kids and grown ups. The colours were chosen to resemble the vibrancy of life. Designed letterhead, visiting cards and also a 3 fold brochure. 

Observer Research Foundation
Project Name: Conference space design: ORF

ORF held a conference talking about our heritage structures inside the city. The event space required standee’s, stage backdrops and speaker booklets among other things. The conference logo was designed keeping in mind how the old structures stands with the new and adorn our city skylines. 

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