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Jewellery Book Design

Project name: Sieve by Design
 | Client: Varuna D Jani

Designer Varuna D Jani and designer, author Gunjan Suri wanted a coffee table book to be designed which will target the designers and the students alike. Divided into chapters the book talks about form, colour, proportion and many other aspect of design and the visuals are either supporting concepts or jewellery design concepts. Various jewellery designers from all over the world contributed their designs. Designwise it’s a look which is in between a showcasing coffee table book and an educational course book.

Apart from designing the template and the pages, I also had to coordinate with more than a dozen international jewellery designers and Gunjan to create a cohesive design. Image management was a massive task in this project.


Project Name: JK AYA ABODES | Client: JK Cement

A coffee table book to showcase the award winning projects for the JK Architects of the Year Award. The book is a collection of works for the last 25 years awarded for residential projects.

From hand drawn manuscripts to postcard size project submission photos, working with 70:30 visual vs text ratio was the prime focus. Minimalist design approach is used in terms of fonts and maximising space so that it doesn’t end up looking like a technical document/report because of extensive technical nature of the content.

Joyful Living

Project Name: Joyful Living | Client: Ameeta Chaterjee

A book which is a collection of thoughts and poems by Ameeta Chaterjee. The visuals sourced by the author herself has been a perfect balance to the thought process that develops as one goes through the pages.  It’s a small size book, keeping in mind that it can be a leisure read while being on a journey.

Kala Ghoda Book

Project Name: Kala Ghoda: Celebrating Mumbai’s Art District | Client: Kala Ghoda Association

Edited by eminent conservation architect, Abha Narain Lambah, this book is a collection of essays by various architects, designers and conservation activist citizens of Mumbai. This book talks about Kala Ghoda association which has been spearheading various conservation projects in Mumbai city and organises the highly successful week long annual Kala Ghoda Arts festival. This book showcases that journey over the last decade.

The cover is a amalgamation of blueprints of various heritage structures in the area. And the horse statue is an old image of the original statue based on which the area ‘Kala Ghoda’ is named. It’s a colourful showcase of the festival, the people and the heritage area that hosts the festival.

Mumbai Art Deco

Project Name: The Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai

Written by Abha Narain Lambah, this coffee table book documents the Art Deco district of Mumbai. Released by ORF, Mumbai, it’s a showcases the various elements of the districts as well as the history of its evolution through many archival photographs. The heritage buildings various architectural elements are captured in great detail. It makes a great visual treat along with all the technical details provided through various maps, drawings and architectural elevations.

Poetry Book

Project Name: Return of the Hypotenuse: Poetry in Math and Science

A poetry book written by Sunil Mishra, this are simple poems meant to explain some key concepts in science and maths. It’s a A3 size book with paperback cover. Each poem has been illustrated in amusing manner to provide visual relief.

State of Architecture

This book documents the state of architecture since independence. One of its kind in India, this book is a chronicle of the development of architecture in India. As part of a 3 month long exhibition that held in Mumbai in 2016, this book is a collectors item which lays down the various periods of design and through many visuals elaborate some of the most illustrated projects till now. The book is also a guide to the 3 levels of the exhibition hence the chapters flow as per the exhibition area. Designed in paperback version it  has got a collection of timeline graphs, maps, data graphics and collages. Specific colour-coding has been used to match with the colours of the exhibition space for better reference. This book has been a challenging but exciting 7 day project from start to finish.




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